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Naitō started out studying naval architecturebut then turned to architecture due to the shipbuilding depression after the Russo-Japanese War. He studied with Kino Toshikata and graduated in Inhe became a professor at Waseda University.

Inhe Satoshi Hiro Recenzii to America as an international student where he devised his seismic theory of the earthquake-proof wall.

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While on the First Transcontinental Railroadhe made observations about the movements of the luggage depending on the trains acceleration after Satoshi Hiro Recenzii the scattered trunks when the train made sudden stops.

The lack of partitions in the luggage compartment and the disarray of the trunks led him to the structural idea of the earthquake-proof wall, [1] effectively a shear wall.

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Using the seismic structural theory that he devised, he engineered the Industrial Bank of Japan 's main office which was designed by Setsu Watanabe. Three months after the building's completion inthe Great Kantō earthquake happened.

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This structure withstood the damage and Naitō included this fact in his lectures as the effectiveness of his earthquake-proof design theory had been proven. Tachū Naitō held many positions and was recognized with many awards throughout his career. Inhe became the chairman of the Japan Welding Society.

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In he was named the chair of the Architectural Institute of Japan and in became a member of the Science Council of Japan. Naitō became a member of the Japan Academy in and he was awarded a distinction for cultural merit in and the second-class Order of the Rising Sun in His remains were buried in the graveyard of the Naitō family in Tamareien Cemetery.

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His epitaph is on the right side, and a bronze statue is on the left.